FrontRow™ Seating is the UK Distributor of Clark Synthesis Tactile Transducers and Underwater Speakers

Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers deliver extremely accurate audio signals into your furniture, through your body, and to the emotional centres of your brain. Clark Transducers faithfully reproduce special effects audio so you don’t miss anything the film director intended you to experience and extends the low frequency range where your subwoofer is unable to deliver. Watching a scene of a train isn’t the same as experiencing the scene seated on the train. Watching an explosion isn’t the same as experiencing the complex vibrations of the explosion. Tactile/ haptic feedback in your home cinema furniture brings you right into the movie bringing a new dimension to film watching.

So this makes tactile transducers ideal for home cinema, virtual reality, gaming, those with hearing difficulties and simulators.

They fit the FrontRow™ Serenity seat perfectly and not complicated to install. The installation pack contains a generous supply of other fixings to allow installation on other ranges of seating, connection to raised platforms and directly in to gaming chairs.

Clark Synthesis Tactile Transducers
Diluvio AQ339 Underwater