Colours and Materials - Fabric

MEG Fabric: Composition 100% Polyester

MEG is inspired by warm silk, and this textured fabric is woven from special long fibers. The short plush is dense, soft, and skin-friendly. The unique textile technology makes the surface present a high-level velvet effect. At the same time, it has enough elasticity, soft hand feeling and its own special gloss to make the space more valuable.

MEG fabric example
MEG sample and icons

Peyton Fabric: Composition 100% Polyester

Peyton sample and icons

Maldives Fabric: Composition 57% polyester, 29% PU, 14% cotton

  • Sturdier nubuck leather hand feeling
  • Simple and smooth water ripples
  • Extraordinary endurance of abrasion
  • Environmentally friendly and excellent breathability
Maldives fabric example
Maldives sample and icons

Billy Joe Fabric: Composition 100% polyester

  • Slight 2 tone effect with embossing to look like leather suede
  • Excellent breathability delivers comfortable and soft feel
  • High endurance to abrasion and snagging resistance
  • Various color options
Billy Joe fabric example
Billy Joe sample and icons

Bonnie Fabric: Composition 100% Polyester

  • Delicate velvet hand feeling
  • Stereoscopic appearance
  • Unique animal patterns with soft fur texture
  • Comfortable and breathable
Bonnie fabric example
Bonnie sample and icons

Barcel Fabric: Composition 100% Polyester

Barcel fabric swatch and icons

Teramo Fabric: Composition 100% Polyester

Teramo fabric swatch and icons

Lion Fabric: Composition 80% Polyester 20% Acrylic

Lion fabric swatch and icons

Chloe Fabric: Composition 100% Polyester

Unique patter, soft touch, breathable comfort

Horizon Fabric: Composition 95% Polyester, 5% Cotton

Horizon uses dense chenille to form a tight and flat surface structure. It is a simple, thick and extremely soft sensual fabric. At the same time, it has a subtle luster and natural tone, shows the deluxe but unassuming beauty and becomes the first choice for premium modern home fabrics.

Horizon fabric example
Horizon sample and icons
Fabric Swatch
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