FrontRow™ LUNO Technical Specifications

The seat modules will go through standard sized doorways. Where multiple rows are used with a raised plinth please use this as a guide. Seat backs can be removed to help the access to attic and basement rooms. Further information and advice can be provided based on viewing distances and size of screen.

FrontRow™ Luno home cinema seating

All modules with arms are designed as end pieces and include USB charging points and seating controls apart from the COUL and COUR for this range. The STA2-USB includes storage, 2 cupholders and a USB charging point. 

For the powered units without arms the switches are down the side of the seat.

Module Width Depth Seat Depth Back Height Seat Height Weight
Single 116cm 98-148cm 56cm 99cm 47cm 51kg
1EL1U/ 1ER1U 85cm 98-148cm 56cm 99cm 47cm 46kg
1.25EL1U/ 1.25ER1U 102cm 98-148cm 56cm 99cm 47cm 50kg
1.25EL/ 1.25ER (non-reclining) 102cm 98cm 56cm 99cm 47cm
1.5EL1U/ 1.5ER1U 109cm 98-148cm 56cm 99cm 47cm 55kg
1.25NA1V 75cm 98-148cm 56cm 99cm 47cm 43kg
1.25NA (non-reclining) 75cm 98cm 54cm 99cm 47cm 25kg
1.25COUL/ 1.25COUR (non-reclining) 112cm 158cm 115cm 99cm 47cm 51kg
SQC 107cm 107cm 99cm 47cm 48kg
STA2-USB 32cm 96cm 99cm 15kg

Multiple Rows and Plinth Heights

Where multiple rows are used it is recommended to have a raised plinth. The plinth height will depend on the length of the room, height of screen etc. to determine the viewing angles. We can create scale drawing to help with the design of your room and to ensure those in rear rows do not have restricted sight lines. The recommended distance from the back of the back row to the back of the front row is 1.8m however 1.6m can be used for normal viewing positions if space is not available. As the seats incline i.e. scoop forward as they recline rear seats can be positioned close to walls or partitions.